Our Discretionary Account

Discretionary accounts are another one of our premier investment account offerings that you can access.

This brand of investment account is ideal for clients interested in a more hands-off approach to their investing. With a discretionary account, you can make use of the full range of our research and analysis skills.

Making it easy
for our clients

When opening a discretionary investment account, we make it easy for our clients to sign a discretionary disclosure agreement so that the entire investment process, as well as future transactions, goes off without any delays. This is also required to certify the client’s permission to authorize us, your broker, to trade as an agent on your behalf.

If you are tempted to open a discretionary account with Charrington Pacific Group, you should consider that you are probably also managing your work responsibilities and personal finances in addition to your investing activities. You may not have the time to be engaged in the day-to-day investment decision-making process.

For these clients, we give them a chance to receive long-term risk-adjusted returns without much bother. Discretionary accounts allow for more customization and alternation of your investment portfolio by accounting for and constantly recalibrating your risk-return profile and personal values specified in the disclosure agreement.

This helps our financial professionals make investments effectively without contacting the customer before making any transactions. This will also allow experts to recognize higher quality future investment prospects.

You can rest assured knowing that your money is in the reliable hands of Charrington Pacific Group's brokers.

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These accounts are most suitable for first-time investors looking to take a step forward in expanding their financial capabilities.

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With a discretionary account, you can make use of the full range of our research and analysis skills.

Only Account
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This account is most compatible with financially astute investors with prior investing experience.