Corporate Social Responsibility

We have our finger on the pulse and keep track of the latest trends affecting financial institutions as well as the global economy.

One of the key trends we have observed over the past few years is the increase in the significance of corporate social responsibility.

We are aware that you, our client, want to associate with a financial services provider that gives back to the community. We, therefore, work to integrate the core concepts of social responsibility into the fabric of our organizational structure.

Our Responsibility

As managers of wealth, we believe it is our responsibility to use our position to direct a certain amount of wealth towards those in need. We aim to contribute to social causes directly, but as wealth managers, we also try to look for opportunities that organically foster the influx of wealth to the needy areas of our society.

By using our expertise as financial researchers and advisors, we can identify how best to allocate funds to social causes, and in doing so, find a solution that satisfies all parties. This way, we involve our clients and other stakeholders in the corporate social responsibility process, which allows us to cultivate a deeper appreciation and understanding of social work.

Market Leaders

We see ourselves as a market leader in the Tokyo financial sector, and we want to set an example by focusing our efforts on the CSR aspect of our business. We encourage all our employees to participate in social work for their local community as well, and we have devised incentives and bonuses for team members that show dedication and enthusiasm for the cause.

We want our company’s work to stand on its own, and we hope our efforts will result in a positive feedback loop for our local community as well.