Careers at our company

At Charrington Pacific Group, we aim to serve our clients in the best possible way, as we believe it is our responsibility as a leading wealth management company to do so.

We also take great pride in providing a platform for the most talented and ambitious individuals from Tokyo's financial sector to showcase their talents.

We are firm believers that our company would not be where it is today if it had not acquired and invested in the very individuals that are now working in our top-level management positions. It is vital to us as a company to show our employees and recruits that they should stay with us for the long term.

New Employees

For new employees, we often have one of our senior managers tell them about their own journey with our company, how they joined our organization as a fresh graduated and slowly worked their way up to the top of the corporate ladder.

We believe that setting such positive examples will motivate our employees to excel and succeed in our organization. To facilitate the process, we also provide our employees with a positive workplace environment. We have worked with interior design and acoustics experts to design our office space in such a way that our employees can concentrate on their duties without being distracted.

Of course, we also understand that our employees need a break every once in a while to recharge and increase their overall productivity. We have specially designed recreational centers and game rooms in our office where employees can unwind in their free time or during breaks. We also believe that this fosters a close-knit community in our staff.

As Employers

We, as employers, promote equal opportunities and strive to reduce all forms of bigotry and other selectively tailored actions from our recruiting and job process. Hopeful applicants who feel that their talents can be put to good use by Charrington Pacific Group are encouraged to apply with trust.

In order for our stakeholders to find the best offerings in our business, we need to make sure that we acquire the most inspired, skilled, experienced, and passionate people under the leadership of our company's shared mission and objective.

A job at Charrington Pacific Group isn't just going to grant you a handsome salary. It is a learning environment where workers can refine their skills while embracing all the services and rewards that come with serving at a world-class investment management company.

Comprehensive Candidate
Hiring Procedures

Our comprehensive filtering and hiring procedures make sure that we find the best recruits both in the local and international job market to add to our fantastic team. Above all else, we admire and value the integrity, authenticity, transparency, skills, and positivity of our staff, and expertise in the related fields is one of our main criteria.

We also provide a secure workplace atmosphere where personnel can enjoy all of the common perks in our business, as well as a chance to succeed in their desired career path with the encouragement and guidance of our accomplished managers.