About Our Approach

As a private company, we at Charrington Pacific Group believe the individuals who work in our business are our most valuable resource.

Our talented and experienced financial team has been involved in the structuring and investing of financial instruments, particularly alternative investments, for individual and institutional investors in Japan, since 2011.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and corporate infrastructure help us recruit, manage and empower highly skilled individuals. The ethos centers on appreciating personal merit and an equitable wage structure that promotes teamwork, creative spirit and commitment. Our most valued experts are ultimately recognized as our company partners. We believe that this promotes a culture of collaboration, skill growth, creativity, meritocracy and long-term commitment.

Reinforcing the convergence of our business divisions maximizes cross-selling of our products, enhances our capacity to recruit the best possible talent and encourages a lean and cost-effective corporate framework.

Attracting a
Talented workforce

At Charrington Pacific Group, our approach is to attract and develop extraordinarily talented individuals from various backgrounds and help them fulfil their career objectives. We aim to create a dynamic and academic atmosphere that will enable concepts to evolve, expertise to develop, and our employees to achieve their maximum potential.

We have over 160 personnel, comprised of some of the best investment analysts in the industry. Our employees are connected to the financial institutions in which we invest and the customers we represent.

We believe in agile management with a greater emphasis on valuation spanning equities, sovereign debt, and currencies. As a renowned wealth management firm, we follow many investing strategies, allowing our teams to pursue their diverse asset groups' most suitable method.

Our financial advisers work on an individual basis to encourage flexibility and transparency while tracking their investment strategies and successful execution approaches.

We encourage our management executives to think inventively and facilitate constructive cross-border conversations and capital structures. We control risk assessment and portfolios since they are an essential part of the decision-making process.

Our portfolio managers can focus on their primary investment decision-making practices and are supported by a business consultant team. We are optimistic that the environmental, social, and governance frameworks will enable us to make better long-term investment decisions for our clients.

By implementing the standards of our ethical guidelines to our daily operations, we ensure the prosperity and viability of one of the fastest emerging wealth management companies in the East.