About Our Company

Charrington Pacific Group is headquartered in Tokyo. Incorporated in 2011, the firm now oversees over $6.48 billion in financial assets and has a roster of over 160 financial and research professionals in its employment.

Since its inception, Charrington Pacific Group has become one of the most recognizable wealth management firms in Asia. The Japanese financial sector is admired around the world, and a lot of the brightest minds in the global financial industry operate in this sector.

Our Talented

At Charrington Pacific Group, we make use of our talented workforce by providing them with a platform to showcase their services. We help them foster their careers in the financial industry, connecting them to our clients. Our success as a wealth management firm in a major global city like Tokyo is down to the talent we have been able to acquire.

Our senior management team are experts in the Tokyo financial sector and have worked with both foreign and domestic clients throughout their years of extensive work experience in the industry. They are now looking to lead Charrington Pacific Group forward using the knowledge and market insights they have gained.

Our managers are committed to transferring the knowledge they have gained to the next generation of financial professionals, working closely to ensure that each employee is on the right path to becoming the best wealth manager in their field.

This philosophy of growth is what allows us to best serve our clients. We ensure your financial success by employing the best people for the job and giving them the relevant platform and tools to succeed.

Your Trusted Wealth
Management Company

As a wealth management company, Charrington Pacific Group offers you access to high-quality investment opportunities both in Japan and around the world. Our mission is to become the industry leader and the benchmark for wealth management firms in Asia.

When partnering with our company, you gain access to our broad network of financial services and solutions. We want to serve you with our financial expertise whether you are a first-time investor looking to expand your savings, a representative of a financial institution or investment house, or a large corporation looking for financial services.

Please feel free to browse our website to learn more about the technologies we use, the financial strategies we employ, and the abundance of financial services we have on offer.

No matter what your financial need, Charrington Pacific Group will use its expertise to guide you towards the most lucrative and suitable investment options.